The Parable of The Soils (Mark 4:1-20)

In The Parable of the Soils Jesus shows us that there are many ways to hear God’s word. We can hear with hard, shallow, distracted hearts. Or we can hear with receptive hearts that receive the word in a transformative way. Jesus’ words here are both challenging and encouraging. We’re challenged to evaluate our own hearts as we hear God’s word and encouraged to prayerfully trust God as we sow the seeds of the gospel around us. 

Something Greater (Jesus & Jonah)

We’ve walked through the entire narrative of Jonah. Now we’re taking a “big picture” look at the Book of Jonah in light of the good news of Jesus Christ. Jesus tells us that the Old Testament bears witness to him (Luke 24:44). So what does Jonah have to do with Jesus? How does the Book of Jonah point us to Jesus Christ as our only hope?