How To Build A Fire (Proverbs 5-7)

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TEXT: PROVERBS 5 & 6:20-7:27


Solomon has been exhorting readers to pursue wisdom and flee from folly in various ways. He now turns his attention to the allurement of sexual immorality and the dangers of adultery. Solomon not only warns against the consequences of sexual sin; he also shows the provision of God in the gift of sex according to his design. What does it look like to flee sexual temptation and live a life of purity before God? Such a life must flow out of a heart transformed by his grace. 


  1. HEAD: Questions aimed at our minds to help us understand God’s word.

    • Read 5:3-6. What are some characteristics here that are opposed to the characteristics of wisdom you’ve seen in previous chapters of Proverbs?

    • What are the specific consequences of adultery and sexual sin that Solomon points out to us? (See 6:20-35)

  2. HEART: Questions aimed at our affections to help us love God.

    • In the Bible, adultery and idolatry are closely related. The worship of idols is often referred to as spiritual adultery (Jeremiah 3:9; 5:7; Hosea 4:13). When we give in to sexual sin, what idols are we worshipping?

    • What is the remedy for this temptation and allurement according to Proverbs 5:15-20? How does this passage point us to the good news of the gospel?

  3. HANDS: Questions aimed at our hands to help us live for God (Personally, Communally, and Missionally).

    • Distortion of God’s design for sex leads to destruction. In what ways do we see this distortion and destruction around us today?

    • NOTE- This question is meant for a gender-specific group setting: All of us are guilty of rebelling against God’s design for sex in some way. What sins do you need to repent of in light of this passage? What are some practical ways you can grow in guarding against sexual sin, and thus enjoy God’s design for sex?