core team

Building something as important and significant as a church is a work too big and beautiful for one person to do alone. It requires a team.

So what is a core team?

A core team is the initial group of people that forms the seed of what will become a mature, healthy church. They form the backbone of the new church and work together to see the mission of the church fulfilled.

In short, joining the core team is a call to commit to these areas:

  1. Pray- Pray for the community, the church, the leadership, and one another.
  2. Give- Support the work of the church financially by giving faithfully and sacrificially.
  3. Gather- Join us for Gospel Community gatherings, Core Team meetings, and preview services.
  4. Serve- Use your gifts and talents to serve both in the church and the community.
  5. Invite- Invite all people to Gospel Community gatherings and preview services to fulfill our mission to make disciples.

Core Team Meetings

Sundays @ 10am

APRIL 9th and 30th
MAY 7th and 21st
JUNE 11th
JULY 16th