We love jesus & We love Waltham



Seven Mile Road Church is a diverse, gospel-formed family of servant missionaries.

Diverse, Gospel-Formed Family of Servant Missionaries

The gospel forms and shapes who we are and what we do. The grace of God transforms everything. We want to participate in God’s work of making one family from every tribe. The diversity in our city is rapidly increasing and we aim to be a church for anyone that longs to know Jesus. Jesus paid our adoption price with his life and we are adopted into the Family of God. With this adoption comes a new name, a new identity, and a new mission. Like Jesus, we are here not to be served, but to serve. And, just as the Father sent Jesus on a rescue mission to redeem sinners, we live as a sent people. The redeemed are sent out into our city, our neighborhoods, our families, our workplaces, our community to make disciples through the everyday stuff of life to redeem and restore the world around us.

Mission: WHAT WE DO

We make, mature, and multiply disciples in Waltham by providing clear and compelling witness to the real Jesus.

Make, Mature, Multiply Disciples...

Jesus came to this world to seek and save the lost. He came with a clear mission to make disciples. The great commission is what all believers in Jesus are called to. We exist to make disciples -- To see men and women come to know, love, and follow Christ. By mature disciples we mean men and women who have come to see the surpassing worth, beauty, power, and love of Christ, repented of their sin, and are seeking to live all of their lives in the light of His gospel. Multiplication means want to see our neighbors become family not simply one by one, but in droves as God takes our Spirit-Powered, Gospel-Driven, Faith-Fueled Effort and does more than we can possible imagine.

Provide Clear and Compelling Witness to the Real Jesus...

In a world where everyone gets their social platform, there are many competing Jesuses out there. We want to humbly, but boldly provide a clear witness to the Jesus of the Bible as he comes to us, not as we think or feel that he is. We want to show the people of Waltham and beyond the goodness, the truth, and the beauty of Jesus.


Our big dream is to saturate Waltham with the Gospel until everyone delights in the truth, goodness, and beauty of Jesus.

Imagine with Us...

Vision is a picture of what could be with the conviction that it should be. God has given us a vision to see Waltham flooded with thousands of Bostonians adopted into the family of God. We long to see an unmistakable Gospel witness in every neighborhood (Cedarwood, Warrendale, Highlands, Main St, Moody St, Lakeview, The Chemistry, etc). Imagine a world filled with healthy Gospel-saturated churches who are invested in seeking the good of their city. We see a multiplying network of diverse churches in greater Boston reaching the nations.

Seven Mile Road Family DNA

Seven Mile Road Waltham is part of the larger Seven Mile Road family of churches. We have Seven Mile Road DNA infused throughout our church.


Gospel Centered

Seven Mile Road holds to the apostolic gospel like a pit-bull with lock-jaw. The gospel is it, and we need it so badly. It is the center of our church. It is the center of our lives. It is the filter through which everything else in our church and lives is run through. It is the incredible, stunning, unexpected, beautiful, life-altering, propositional truth that God has in Christ redeemed sinners like you and I from the curse of our sin. It is the story of a loving and holy Father sending the Son to take our place on a cross, pay our debts, forgive our sins, cleanse our filth, make us right, adopt us as sons and daughters, give us eternal life, and begin conforming us into the image of the One by whom we were created. It is such good news. We could talk all day about what the Triune God has done for us in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. And we do. We talk about it. Sing about it. Preach about it. Study it. Meditate on it. Wonder at it. If you don’t want to hear about the Gospel, Seven Mile Road will drive you nuts.

Deeply Relational

American culture in general, and Massachusetts for sure, is not interested in attending a church event. Invite the average person on the street in Boston to church and they are just not interested. The thing is that an invitation to Seven Mile Road is not an invitation to an event, but to a life, a new life, a different life, a different way of doing life. A church is not a place, it is a people, a people being redeemed, knit together and conformed to the image of God. Coming to Seven Mile Road is not just about showing up to a ‘religious service’ but about responding to a life-altering message in concert with a community of people who are responding the same way. Our goal is for Seven Mile Road to be a church where friendships run deep and our shared culture is different than anything that our unbelieving friends have ever seen before, one that enables trust, accountability, and a connectedness that moves us from being individuals to being a community. Even a casual reading of the New Testament shows that Jesus’ church was marked by a beautiful, messy, holy intimacy. These saints knew each other’s names, stories, sins, strengths, weaknesses, issues, dreams, fears, all of it. They shared life together in the gospel. That’s what we are shooting for here.

Contextually Bostonian

Greater Boston is a brilliant, sinful, corrupt, sophisticated, gritty, secular, liberal, beautiful, harsh, wonderful, diverse, expensive, international city. It’s all those things at once (and much more) because there are nearly 4 million image-bearers here who sin-like-you-read-about and are in desperate need of being reconciled to the Father. There is potential here for much evil, but also, by God’s grace, for much good and beauty if the gospel can take root. And that’s what we’re shooting for: to be a church where Bostonians who don’t know Jesus at all can spend some time with us and not stumble over our language, our suits, our style, our handbell choir, our felt offering bags, our pot lucks, our anything but Jesus’ gospel. What would it look like for the kingdom of God to flourish with Bostonian flair? What would it sound like on that Day for 1000s of crow-top wearing, Santarpios eating, Larry Bird loving Bostonians to sing “How Great Thou Art” wicked loud without pronouncing the r? We’d love to be there and find out.

Theologically Reformed

Seven Mile Road holds to the Reformed understanding that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, all for the glory of God alone. The Gospel is about God, not us. His grace, first and last. He acts, we respond. And even our response is a gift of faith birthed in us by God’s Spirit. Yes, good works flow from the Gospel, but they are not the cause of it. God has freely chosen to show grace to us through no merit of our own. He called us, saved us, regenerated us, forgave us, justified us, adopted us, reconciled us to Himself. He did. We gladly go along for the ride. And even now, as we run after Him, it is His Spirit that enables our running, that sanctifies us, that pulls us toward holiness because He is a holy God who wills our holiness. These doctrines of God’s free, undeserved grace to us eliminate any arrogance and self-righteousness from creeping into our church life, and they also overcome all despair as we realize that life really is about the God who has given it, and not us. We rest in the fact that salvation belongs to God. Being Reformed theologically also impacts our understandings of Scripture, preaching, the sacraments, church government, etc.

Happily Complementarian

Sadly, one of Bostonian culture’s most salient points of confusion and sin is around the “doctrine of man,” particularly around areas of gender and sexuality. Rather than embrace the wisdom of God in purposefully creating us male and female, equal and yet distinct, in His Trinitarian image, our tendency here is to chafe at our Creator’s good intentions for us by flattening sexuality and eliminating all gender distinctions in marriage, home and church. We hope to redeem that Bostonian trend by calling our men and women to embrace the manhood or womanhood that the Father has lovingly assigned to them, by calling men to serve our flock as pastors and by jam-packing our church with holy singles, healthy marriages, devoted fathers, happy mothers (you would not believe the moms we’ve got around here!) and lots of children, all as a witness to the grace and wisdom of our Father.

Locally Focused

We see ourselves not only as a gathered people, but as a sent people, sent into the world to obey God, to carry our worship of Him into every moment of our lives, and to announce to our culture the good news of the gospel. Everyone at Seven Mile Road is a missionary, on mission with Jesus to see His kingdom break in on the kingdoms of this world. We encourage our people that the entire tenor of their lives should witness to the graceful redemption God has worked in their heart, from the way they work to the way they parent to the way they study to the way they recreate to the way they spend to the way they speak to the way they have sex to the way they consider the poor to the way … you get it. And all of this missional living gets fleshed out in particular neighborhoods and cities among particular people. Rather than focusing regionally, we want every Seven Mile Road church to know and be known by a specific people group that’s theirs. This is why our gospel communities are the epicenter of our missional efforts, bringing the fragrance of Christ to bear one locale at a time.

Aggressively Multiplying

Read the New Testament and you will see that starting new churches is how the gospel spreads. There is no better way to connect with unbelievers than by starting new churches among them. The local church provides the perfect context for effective evangelism: a bunch of people who love Jesus and are following him gathering weekly to hear the preached Word and walking all week through life together in gospel-centered friendships. So we’re not out to grow a mega-church (nothing against them when they are done holy), but to multiply healthy congregations that grow roots in particular Boston zip codes and live with missional intentionality among those people groups. That will mean smaller churches and a constant fight for the sending churches to make budget as we invest in new works, but we’re good with that. In 10 years we hope to see 1500 Bostonians believing the gospel, being discipled, and living on mission in an ever-growing network of healthy Seven Mile Roads for Jesus’ glory and our joy.