Welcome to Seven Mile Road,
a new church in Waltham


We believe that a church is not a building or a place, but a family and a community. We seek to provide a clear and compelling witness to the real Jesus. We are a broken-but-beloved family where we share life together, celebrating triumphs and mourning tragedies. We believe that you can belong before you believe because our invitation to you is not contingent on our common beliefs, but on our common humanity.

Our Name

Our name tells our story. Seven Mile Road emerges from the Scriptures in Luke 24 on the road to Emmaus, about seven miles from Jerusalem. Two disciples were walking on this road. Jesus had just died and with his death all their hopes shattered. For the first time in their life, they had dared to hope that peace and justice and grace would surround their life. But their savior had died. While they were on this seven mile road, Jesus came alongside these weary disciples and began to explain to the how the Scriptures had pointed to a suffering-servant-savior who would not only defeat empires, but who would defeat death itself. 

They did not recognize Jesus at first. Later, when they reached Emmaus, he broke bread with them and their eyes were opened and their hearts were full. It was here that they came to see the goodness, the beauty, and the truth of the gospel. Grace came flooding in. Their hope was restored, but even more than they could have imagined. After Jesus left them, they ran back to Jerusalem down that seven mile road to tell others. They had good news to share. It was on this road where hope was restored.

Journey with Us

That is our hope. We want to come along others on the road of life who are looking for a hope that gives meaning and purpose to life. We want to extend grace and declare the goodness, the beauty, and truth of Jesus. We want to see souls redeemed for His glory and their joy, and watching those whom God has graced being sent on mission back to the places they are from and beginning the redemptive cycle all over again.