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What is the Gospel?

Simply put, it means good news. We've dedicated two pages on our website to sharing this good news. Check them out: GOOD NEWS THE GOSPEL

Why does Waltham need another church?

The answer all depends on what you mean by church. If by church you mean a church building, then the answer to the question is: Waltham doesn't need another church. Waltham has lots of beautful historic church buildings. If by church you mean a community of people who love Jesus and love the city, then the answer to the question changes. Waltham is a thriving city just outside of Boston with a flourishing economy and growing population that needs more churches to provide a clear and compelling witness to the real Jesus to make disciples who make disciples.

What does it mean to plant a church?

To plant a church is to begin a community of believers in a particular context. For us, this means gathering believers in Waltham who are excited about living out the Gospel in the everyday stuff of life and seeking to spread the gospel among those who have not yet believed in Christ. Our hope is that this will result in a flourishing local church, centered on Christ, and motivated by the good news to love one another and continue to make disciples in Waltham and beyond.

What is a Gospel Community?

A Gospel Community is a family of servant missionaries living life on life, life in community, and life on mission in order to make disciples who make disciples. A gospel community is much more than a weekly event. GCs gather at different times throughout the week to fulfill Jesus' mission of being disciples who make disciples. Together we learn how to worship and submit to Jesus in all of life by learning how to love one another as family, worship Jesus as servants who serve others, and share the good news of Jesus Christ as his sent missionaries.For more information click: GOSPEL COMMUNITY

What does a typical Gospel Community meeting look like?

Gospel Communities meet regularly in host homes and typically involve a meal and good conversation.

Can I bring my children to a Gospel Community meeting?

Absolutely! Children are a welcome part of GC meetings and a valued part of the SMR Waltham family.

Do I have to live in Waltham to be involved?

We love Waltham and are committed to this community. However, you don't have to live in Waltham to be involved. If you are interested being a part of our community, get in touch with Clint Patronella and start the conversation.

Why don't you have Sunday Services?

As our community grows, we will begin to hold sunday services. At this point, it makes more sense to meet as a Gospel Community, loving one another and reaching the lost in our neighborhoods. That said, we intend to launch regular Sunday services in Fall 2017. Check back or get in touch with us about upcoming preview services!

Do you welcome everyone?

We desire to form true and lasting friendships with all our neighbors in Waltham and we invite people of all backgrounds and stories to come and experience the love of Jesus among His followers.