being that leads to doing



Values are deep beliefs that drive behavior. At Seven Mile, our core values direct and shape our culture as we seek to follow Jesus in the everyday stuff of life.

TRUTH: We pursue truth.

In a truth averse world, everything is up for grabs. We believe truth can be known and should be pursued. We believe that truth is more than a proposition—it’s a person.

GOODNESS: We seek goodness.

In a relativist world, good is called evil and evil is called good. This caustic exchange tears at the fabric of our world. We will seek the moral and relational good of our city.

BEAUTY: We cultivate beauty.

Made in God’s image, we have great capacity to create beauty and fill the world with His glory. We will cultivate beauty to fill our city with the beauty of God.

HOSPITALITY: We love neighbors.

Jesus said anyone in need is our neighbor. We will welcome others as Jesus welcomed us with relational generosity and radical hospitality. We love, bless, and serve our neighbors to meet physical and spiritual needs. You are welcome here.

TRANSFORMATION: We embrace change.

Because of the gospel, beauty rises from ashes. People can and do change. We never get over the gospel and we live a life of continued repentance and faith. We want to see people and culture renewed and revived by the power of the gospel.

COMMUNITY: We build community.

We were created for relationship with God and with our fellow brothers and sisters. We build authentic communities of love, trust, and transparency. Growth in gospel grace happens in relationship as we are sent on mission together.

MULTIPLICATION: We strive to multiply.

What starts here does not end here. We are making disciples who make disciples. Our big dream is to see the city saturated with the glory of God as the Gospel advances. We will multiply gospel communities, plant churches, and send out missionaries to take the gospel both near and far.